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Notes from the road: Second Harvest's new Senior Development Officers spends the day on a truck

Having worked and volunteered in the not for profit sector for most of my life, I thought I knew a lot about the issues and challenges facing Canadians.   Full Story >

Youth Winning Youth: Enriching Weston

Youth Winning Youth (YWY) is a flourishing organization, with roots in Trinidad that is making a big impact in Toronto’s Weston neighbourhood. Operating at a grassroots level, YWY conducts community outreach programs in hubs like local malls, churches and affiliates like the Frontlines Toronto and Weston King Neighbourhood Centre. Full Story >

Agency Profile: Romero House

Meet Romero House, a Second Harvest recipient agency and haven for refugees. Located in Toronto's west end, Romero House offers apartments for refugee families, located in 4 houses. The organization assists families with all aspects of settlemetn in Canada, as well as social and emotional support. Full Story >