Leave a Legacy

Every day, we build our own legacies – by the way we live, the passions we share and the impact we make on both our loved ones and our community. Our legacies reflect our standards of excellence, our deepest values and our core beliefs.

What is your legacy? How do you want to be remembered?

If your vision of your legacy includes…

  • Caring for people who are less fortunate
  • Making the most of our bountiful food resources
  • Building a vibrant, healthy and thriving community
  • Good, old-fashioned common sense

…then Second Harvest can help bring your legacy to life for generations to come.

What is The Preservation Society?

The Preservation Society is a special circle of people who have included Second Harvest in their estate planning. Members of The Preservation Society help to protect the future of food rescue in Toronto and beyond, so that people who experience hunger will always have access to fresh, healthy surplus food.

How Does It Work?

Ways to become part of The Preservation Society include remembering Second Harvest in your Will, whether it is a fixed amount, a share of assets or a specific item or property. You can also designate Second Harvest as a beneficiary in an existing or new life insurance policy.

If you decide to join The Preservation Society by remembering Second Harvest when planning your estate, we hope you will let us know. Telling us about your decision allows for a conversation about how you would like to direct your gift, or how you might like to engage more deeply with us. Most simply and importantly, it gives us the opportunity to say thank you for your generosity.

But, this is not for everyone. We hold the utmost respect for your privacy if you decide to keep your choice confidential.

Why Leave a Legacy?

  1. You will continue to build healthier and more vibrant communities in Toronto and beyond, even after your lifetime.

a. Ensuring that vulnerable and low-income people have access to fresh, nutrient-dense food amplifies and protects health and well-being, and ensures that people of all ages have the fuel they need to properly develop, learn, grow, work and contribute.

b. Providing rescued surplus food free of charge to our agency network provides over $20 million a year in food resources to the front lines of social services. These savings will continue to build capacity in this sector that will only become more needed and relied upon in the decades to come.

c. Rescuing surplus food, instead of sending it to landfill, will continue to protect our environment. Together, we have prevented over 50 million pounds of greenhouse gases from harming our atmosphere since 1985. Preserve the future of food rescue to keep protecting the environment for our future generations.

2. You can enlarge your impact. Because a legacy gift is planned carefully during your lifetime, but fulfilled after your lifetime, you may be able to leave a larger gift than you ever knew was possible.

3. You will invest in a charity and your community, instead of “the tax man.” Depending on how you choose to plan your legacy gift, you can significantly reduce the taxes payable upon executing your estate.

4. You can change your mind anytime. Life is long (we always hope) and circumstances change. You may decide you no longer want to leave a legacy gift. Because it is not fulfilled until after your lifetime, it is easy to make changes or eliminate a legacy gift.


Contact Jennifer Verschraegen, Director of Development, at jenniferv@secondharvest.ca or 416.408.2594 x231 to learn more, or to discuss your thoughts about remembering Second Harvest and preserving the future of food rescue.