Monthly Support

Food security is complex issue, and will not be fixed overnight. 
But, you can make a simple yet profound change to the way you support Second Harvest that makes an incredible impact. You can join our monthly giving program, Partners Against Hunger
Your monthly donation is automatically applied to your credit card or bank account.
Your monthly gift will provide healthy meals every day to someone who is hungry in your community.  
Each day, you take action that makes an immediate, critical difference: you feed a hungry person. That person continues their day with more food in their belly and more confidence in their heart.
You’ll help feed:
  • a child at a breakfast program
  • a woman fleeing domestic violence
  • a family who is new to Canada
  • a senior on a fixed income
  • a man without a home
  • someone struggling with mental health issues
  • someone recovering from addiction 
Please, help us relieve hunger through food rescue all year long, and sign up for Partners Against Hunger now
Your contact information is required to generate your annual tax receipt which will be sent to the email address you provide. If you would prefer to have your monthly donation withdrawn automatically from your bank account, please contact Second Harvest at 416.408.2594 or for account set-up. For more information about our monthly giving program, or how Second Harvest uses your donation, please contact Shane DeMerchant at, or 416.408.2594 x224.