Donate Food

Second Harvest is completely dependent on the generosity of food donors, who choose to donate their surplus food, instead of throwing it away, to help feed those in need.

Donating food to Second Harvest can save your company thousands of dollars as well as help save the environment from unnecessary landfill. Since Second Harvest began in 1985 we have prevented more than 100 million pounds of food from ending up in landfill. We have delivered that food to many people in need.

If you work at a food company you can play a role in the cycle of food rescue. Consider donating product to Second Harvest. We provide regular, reliable pick-up service of surplus food. You'll pay no waste management costs and no pick-up or delivery costs. Our larger food donors are saving thousands of dollars a month.

Second Harvest can provide regular reports based on your food donations that can help your organization reduce surplus and reduce costs. Please review Second Harvest's Food Donation Guide to see what food we will accept and how we can arrange for pick-up.

You are not liable for any risk associated with your donation. Second Harvest food donors are protected by Ontario's Donation of Food Act, 1994. This legislation protects those who, in good faith, donate or distribute fresh food.

If you would like to schedule a food donation please contact our Dispatch department at or call 416.408.2594 x 223.

For general information about food donations please contact our Food Recovery Manager, Ian Gibbons at, or call 416.408.2594 x292.