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Preparing and Submitting Donations

You’ve run a great campaign. Thank you for your heroic fundraising!

Now see your hard work pay off

Thank you for your hard work, enthusiasm, and commitment to your Second Harvest Hero campaign. Your fundraising efforts will help the people across Canada who need you the most.

Submitting donations

Hero Account

To make delivering campaign funds easier this year, we have set up a campaign account where you can directly deposit your team’s raised funds at any Scotiabank branch across Canada. Contact us to receive the account information to provide to the bank teller, and make sure you request a Credit Memo to be added to your deposit indicating your company, school, or community group. 

Contact us to learn more

Shipping and mailing  

If necessary, you can send your donations to Second Harvest by courier or mail.  

By courier: Our logistics partner, Purolator, will pick up and deliver your donations to Second Harvest. Contact to coordinate a pickup date at your office or home. 

By mail: Please make cheques payable to Second Harvest and include “Hero” on the memo line. Mail to Second Harvest's office at 120 The East Mall, Toronto ON, M8Z 5V5. Don’t forget to include completed Tax Receipt Request Form(s) for any individuals requiring a tax receipt. 

Tax receipt information 

All financial donations of at least $20 provided by you or your donors are eligible for tax receipts. Any donations made online through your company's fundraising page will automatically receive a tax receipt. For those who have donated via cash, cheque, or POS machine, a Tax Receipt Request Form is required if the donor would like a tax receipt. Please provide the names and information of all individuals requesting a tax receipt in the Tax Receipt Request Form and return the form with the donation. If you have any questions, please contact

Collections and funds raised through the Hero Sweepstakes, or any group fundraising, are not eligible for tax receipts as per Canada Revenue Agency regulations. Please visit the Canada Revenue Agency website to learn more.