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Donate Monthly

You have the power to change lives for the better..

Our monthly donors are at the heart of everything we do

We call our community of monthly donors the Heart of the Harvest. Every month, they help ensure that good, surplus food ends up where it belongs – on people’s plates, not in landfill.

Becoming a monthly donor is one of the most effective ways you can support food rescue in your community, reduce our carbon footprint, and nourish our neighbours in need.    

Join us on our mission to grow an efficient food recovery network to fuel people and reduce the environmental impacts of avoidable food waste. 

Best of all, when you join the Heart of the Harvest today, the Liu Fu Yu Charity Foundation will generously match your donations for the entire year!* This means that every $1 you donate will rescue enough food to provide 4 meals. 

If you have any questions about your gift, please contact us at   

Thank you for joining the Heart of the Harvest and doubling your impact! 

Special thank you to the Liu Fu Yu Charity Foundation for their generous matching gift donation! 

*The Liu Fu Yu Charity Foundation is generously matching all new monthly gifts received online and through mail for an entire year, up to a total of $50,000.

Gifts made through this donation page are donations towards programs and designated funds in support of Second Harvest Canada’s programs and services. The values, services, equipment, and programs described on the donation page are representations of the charity’s programs.