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Your donation will help us realize our vision of No Waste. No Hunger.

Your donation will make a difference

Our mission is to keep food where it belongs: On plates and out of landfills.

We need your help.

An overwhelming number of Canadians are experiencing hunger. With your support, we’re helping make sure food reaches the most vulnerable members in communities across Canada. 

Your donation helps us rescue food, reduce our carbon footprint, and provide fresh, healthy food to millions of Canadians in need. 

If you have any questions, please contact us using the button below.

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Gifts made through this donation page are donations towards programs and designated funds in support of Second Harvest Canada’s programs and services. The values, services, equipment, and programs described on the donation page are representations of the charity’s programs.

Food Waste Facts

Every year Canadians throw away enough good food to feed over 22 million people. We have our work to reduce food waste cut out for us, and we need your help.


Food produced for Canadians is wasted

11 million

Tonnes of avoidable food waste

124.5 billion

Pounds of greenhouse gases created annually from wasted food – the same as 17.3 million cars