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Call for Nominations!

Join us in celebrating our amazing supporters and recognizing their contributions to our work and mission. Nominate standout donors, partners and volunteers for our first ever Food Rescue Awards!

About the Food Rescue Awards

The Second Harvest Food Rescue Awards are a brand new initiative to recognize and celebrate the very best groups and individuals that have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to rescuing surplus edible food in Canada.

Across 8 different categories, individual agencies, food and financial donors will be recognized at an in-person event in February 2023. The nomination period is open from September 5, 2022 to October 4, 2022, and we'd love to hear from you!

Are you an individual supporter that's passionate about reducing food waste? Does your organization's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or Environmental Social Governance (ESG) strategies show a dedication to No Waste, No Hunger? Maybe you work with one of our agency partners, who've demonstrated enthusiastic commitment to impact on the frontlines of food rescue? Or your organization continues to support innovation in the food waste reduction space?

However you or your organization have been involved with us, we want to recognize your incredible contributions to our work! If you know of a supporter that deserves to be recognized for their dedication to our No Waste, No Hunger mission please submit a nomination using the link below. 

All nominations are welcome, and the top 5 nominees will receive an appreciation gift with the winners of each category getting a custom trophy in appreciation and celebration of their support. 

Our Harvester community is at the heart of everything we do, and while we continue to make big impact together, we are excited to recognize and honour our well-deserving community for all that they do to support us. We can't wait to celebrate with you!

September 5, 2022 to October 4, 2022
Hours All Day
Online Online

Our Categories

Frontline Impact Award

To recognize agency partners that have demonstrated an incredible level of engagement with our mission and have outstanding impact in their community.

No Waste Award

To recognize donors that demonstrate incredible efforts in support of the “No Waste” side of our mission. This could be through innovative efforts, their environmental impact/strategies/focus, or GHGs averted through their support.

No Hunger Award

To recognize donors that demonstrate incredible efforts in support of the “No Hunger” side of our mission. This could be through innovative efforts, their impact/focus on food insecurity, or meals provided through their support.

Food Defender Award

To recognize individual donors for their continued support. 

Second Harvest Values Award

To recognize donors that represent ALL of Second Harvest’s values over the last fiscal year. Donors may showcase these values through innovation and visionary actions, through corporate culture or CSR efforts, or through civic action as an ambassador of our dual mission. 

Essential Harvester Award

To recognize volunteers that have demonstrated dedication to our mission through volunteering support, either long-term or high-volume. This could be through number of years involved generally, through a specific program or initiative, or through lifetime impact of hours donated.

Donor of the Year Award (x2)

Recognizing the top food donor & top fund donor of the fiscal year. 

Food Waste Innovator Award

To recognize someone in the food waste reduction space that is demonstrating innovative efforts to support and improve food waste reduction.  

Have your say in the inaugural Food Rescue Awards

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