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Second Harvest is proud to be a part of ECHOage, where kids give while they celebrate.

Help children learn the joy of receiving and the value of giving

Want to make a difference, and teach kids how they can too?  

When you make ECHOage part of your child’s birthday party, guests provide a donation instead of gift, and half the donation goes towards a gift of your choice for the birthday kid, and the other half goes to a charitable cause, like Second Harvest. 

You can incorporate ECHOage into your child’s birthday party to benefit children who are hungry in your community, no matter what your child’s age, party theme or venue.  

Here’s how:

  1. Register on and choose a party invitation 
  2. Guests RSVP and donate online instead of bringing a gift, while you watch the giving grow on your ECHOage Tracker 
  3. When your party is over, you’ll receive half the funds in the mail from ECHOage to purchase one meaningful birthday gift for your child and the other half will go to rescuing healthy, surplus food for children who are hungry in your community. 

Easy for guests, meaningful for kids and fun for everyone!   

Adults at a party

Something for everyone

ECHOage isn’t just for kids! You can incorporate giving into your bridal or baby shower, milestone celebration, or your next summer bash! You can see the full range of invitations for more great ideas.

Since 2007, over 260,000 healthy meals have been provided for children going hungry in Toronto by ECHOage birthday parties. Thank you to everyone who has supported Second Harvest during their celebrations. 

Get started

Meet some of our Food Rescue Rangers

Every child who has an ECHOage birthday party in support of Second Harvest becomes one of our special Food Rescue Rangers.


Cole has really made a commitment to helping people who don’t have enough food. 

Not only has Cole hosted two ECHOage parties and chosen Second Harvest as his charity, he’s also been involved in food drives at his school. 

For his 9th birthday party, Cole and his friends went trampolining and had a great time! His birthday present? A skateboard and helmet. Thank you, Cole, for being a two-time Food Rescue Ranger!


For Bronwyn’s 8th birthday, she spent the day at the Toronto Climbing Academy. Bronwyn and her friends climbed their way to the top and raised $60 for Second Harvest – enough to provide 120 meals to people in need. She used the other half of her birthday money to buy rock climbing shoes and a harness for her next climbing adventure.

Bronwyn wanted to throw an ECHOage party and chose to support Second Harvest because “it is important to help anyone who is hungry so that they stay healthy and happy.”

Thank you, Bronwyn, for your generosity! We’re so glad you’re a Food Rescue Ranger!


Rio loves food. That’s why she chose to support Second Harvest on her 9th birthday with an ECHOage party.

“A lot of people in Toronto don’t have enough food, so I think it’s important to support an organization that gives people food.”

Rio celebrated her birthday with a skating party and sleepover that included plenty of candy and pampering. With the $145 contributed by her friends and family in lieu of gifts, she was able to donate half to Second Harvest and she’s saving up the other half for “something big” like the tablet she bought last year.

On behalf of everyone at Second Harvest and the kids who will get to enjoy 145 healthy meals because of Rio’s generosity, we thank you!

Learn more

If you’re interested in learning more, or have any other questions, please contact Rachel Clasadonte at 416-659-5111 or