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The Avoidable Crisis of Food Waste


Of all food in Canada annually is lost or wasted


Of this food could be redirected to support Canadians

56.5 million

Tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions created annually

This research is a world first and shows we need to radically change how we value food

Nearly 60% of food produced in Canada – or 35.5 million tonnes – is lost and wasted annually.

32% or 11.2 million tonnes of that food is edible and could be redirected to support people in our communities.

The total financial value of this potentially rescuable lost and wasted food is a staggering $49.46 billion.

These unprecedented findings are the result of a year-long research project undertaken by Second Harvest and Value Chain Management International, a leading public and industry voice in food waste.


Rhema Christian Ministries has benefited significantly with the food received from Second Harvest, especially during this pandemic time. Our clients are appreciative of the variety of food.   Thank you, Second Harvest!  Rhema Food Bank could not feed the communities without your support.

Grace Williams
Rhema Christian Ministries 

No waste, no hunger means continuing to grow our business sustainably while ensuring that our finished goods and the raw products that we use always sustain our communities and never become waste. Second Harvest supports our objective to continue to bring people together and unite them towards planet-friendly food.

Audrey Leduc
McCain Foods

Our “pay what you can” meal program to combat COVID-19 food security issues in Brandon, MB was made possible because of Second Harvest. They have regularly gone out of their way to ensure we have a steady stream of groceries to produce 600 nutritious tasty meals weekly since June 2020. loves Second Harvest.

Ross Robinson
The John Howard Society of Brandon, Inc.

The Second Harvest Food Rescue App makes it so easy to give back to the community. Our restaurants and their teams love participating in something so impactful. Thanks to Second Harvest for helping us on our mission to always do what is right for our communities, environment and staff.

Sammi Silverman
A&W Canada 

Thank you

This project was made possible by a generous grant from the Walmart Foundation.